K. D'Laine Bennett


of the Brave

Bravery is defined by the capacity to face some form of adversity. Our fear can separate us from who we really want to be. How do we combat the giants and emerge as our authentic self?


Very few battles are won by a sole individual. We need each other. We need to know who our people are. Our tribe. These are the tools that have helped me make sense of this one life and recognize who is linked with me.

Humankind need a continual expression of honesty, connection and selfless love. Let's embrace our diversity and inspire one another.


Let's heal.  External acts can have internal results. It starts with US, taking intentional small steps, working with each other and honoring our stories. 


It takes effort, but extending ourselves a little, following a heart loaded with love, we can begin to see a bigger design.



This season we will be connecting our story to different art mediums. Using narrative poetry, visual arts, and music. This fall, we will overlay ancient text atop our life experience. Using parallelism we will curate collectively our voices to echo the sound of our modern experience. Sound interesting? Contact me about one of our classes.



Thursdays this fall



Goodlettesville, Tennessee


Bravery Classes

Bringing honor to your story is what gives me great joy. In life, even the gentlest of gestures can leave impact. A beautiful place to begin leaving massive deposits of your legacy lies with sharing the essence of you.  Being who you were originally designed to be promotes meaning in you and one another. 

Life is not easy,

but time can incubate greatness. Reconnecting with the greatest of truths in these classes, will bring honor and it will will stir your courage again.

Truth Cards

Using your hand-created materials and the council of your self-declared restoration team, we start to shine a bright light on what is not true. This is where we remove and eliminate what does not belong. This is where we decide to remember what is true and what is not true. These individual, personal notes provide a physical reminder of the power of truth.

Rough Day Box

It is a good idea to make yourself a rough day box. It serves as a manual for you to read on the days when everything is wrong and you feel like you are going crazy. This actual box is filled with all kinds of wonderful that makes you feel better, helps strengthens your resistance against default behavior and can reduce the effect of sadness, anger and exhaustion.

Soul Book

A completely free worldwide gathering of women! Join us in the Facebook group and small live groups all over the globe.  Let's connect and create an intimate album illustrating the unsung authentic you.

Small Group Gatherings

Sharing with you and your friends are what makes my efforts more worthwhile. Some tools that have lighten my load and created a world of inspiration are just a taste of the goodness . In an effort to reduce each other's differences and celebrate what makes us human, I have created an interactive "let's go there" talk that's both insightful and impacting.


Contact Me

Reach out to me if you have questions about me or the classes I'm offering.

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About Me

I started as a old soul. I grew up fast, but never lost my sense of wonder and joy. Now I teach students to connect with the world around them and invite them to respectfully offer their piece. Acknowledgment , time, resources or a deep study of what we might already know can all be ways we attune ourselves to what truly matters. My "why" starts with my family, stretches to the community I serve and overflows to a wider world of creatives.